Why you should visit Uganda in 2020

Why you should visit Uganda in 2020: There are so many reasons as to why Uganda deserves to be on your travel bucket list this year. The East African country is far more beautiful than what one can put into words; from her beautiful and breath-taking landscape to the dazzling crystal lakes and rivers, including the mighty River Nile which is the longest river in the world. Uganda’s beauty extends to her lovely tropical weather, wildlife animals, and friendly locals.

Uganda is indeed the ‘Pearl of Africa’ as referred to by the European explorer, Sir Winston Churchill in 1908, in his book entitled “My African Journey.” In his book, Churchill clearly describes the beautiful scenery in the country such as the lush green mountains and terraced hills, lakes as well as Uganda’s magnificent attractions such as her wildlife including various bird species, mammals, insects and primate species to mention but a few. There is no doubt that any visitor who sets foot in Uganda will be taken aback by her beauty.

In case you are planning your first time trip to Africa, there are 10 reasons as to why Uganda should come first on your 2020 travel bucket list of top destinations you should visit;

  1. Get to track mountain gorillas:

Uganda is home to half the population of mountain gorillas that are left in the world. A recent survey that was carried out on mountain gorilla populations living in the Virunga Conservation Area, shows that there are about 1,004 mountain gorillas left in the world. Half of this population of mountain gorillas can be found in Uganda alone, in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has 400 mountain gorillas living within Bwindi impenetrable forest. Bwindi national park has 18 habituated gorilla groups which are available for trekking by visitors.

Visitors can also track mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which currently has 2 habituated gorilla groups. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is such a wonderful and exciting activity that has attracted thousands of visitors into the country. Gorilla trekking is also among the top tourism foreign exchange earners in Uganda, which just shows how much Uganda has become a top destination for gorilla trekking activities in the world.

A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda will cost you USD 600 dollars per person untill june 2020 where it will be hiked t0 700usds. There is nothing more thrilling like spend an entire hour with gorillas in the wild. In case you are planning to trek gorillas, Uganda is the place to be. Get in touch with a trusted tour operator company in the country like Explore Rwanda Tours, to assist you in planning the perfect gorilla trekking tour in Uganda.

  1. Uganda is a very hospitable country:

Uganda is known to be among the most hospitable countries in the world. The country was in 2017, named the friendliest country in the world by InterNations, a global community network that connects international expatriates residing in various countries worldwide. Through their ‘Expat Insider survey,’ conducted by more than 14,000 exparts from 191 countries, Uganda was voted by majority exparts as the most friendly country in the world that foreigners  can easily get settled in. in addition to this, native Ugandans are by norm hospitable people. It is imbedded in Uganda’s various cultures, for one to show a visitor hospitality. Visitors in Uganda will always be welcomed by the warm smiles and embrace of the local people. Locals in Uganda are always quick to help out a visitor and ensure that their stay in the country is a pleasant one.

  1. Get a chance to explore the beautiful countryside:

The beauty of Uganda’s countryside is simply jaw-dropping. Visitors can enjoy exploring the countryside on a road trip. You will be dazzled by the beautiful green and well-terraced hills in the western part of the country, the relatively flat landscape in the far north, and the hilly and rocky lands in the eastern region of Uganda.

Get a chance to explore the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi on a boat ride on one of the traditionally crafted canoes. The lake is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and is the second deepest lake on the African continent. Lake Bunyonyi is famous for its 29 islands, which have a rich cultural history attached to each island. The lake is also a great destination for bird watching activities, so if you are a bird lover, this is the ideal place to be.

  1. You will enjoy the cultural diversity:

Uganda is very rich in culture and its cultural diversity can be seen in each and every aspect ranging from the food to clothing, dance, and the numerous languages spoken in the country. There are over 50 unique cultures in Uganda, with over 50 different languages spoken in the country. Everyone lives amicably with one another and a great majority of Ugandans speak English, which makes it easy for a visitor to communicate with locals and easily get around while in the country.

  1. It is a top destination for bird watching activities:

Uganda is among one of the top birding destinations in the world. With over 10,000 bird species recorded in the world, Uganda alone has over 1,000 species of birds. The country has unique bird species such as the rare Shoebill Stork, the Great Blue Turaco, the Green-breasted Pitta, and the African Green Broadbill among others. Given the long list of unique bird species found in the country, it is no wonder that the country is known as Africa’s premier birding destination, and among the best birding destinations in the world. Some of the top birding destinations in Uganda include; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semuliki National Park, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, and Mabamba Bay to mention but a few. So get your binoculars out, and take a thrilling and adventurous birding trip to any of these destinations in Uganda.

  1. Indulge your taste buds with unique Ugandan delicacies:

Uganda is the ideal food hub for any visitor who is a sworn foodie. With the numerous cultures that exist in the country, food is one way to explore the various cultures in the country. Do not miss a chance to indulge your taste buds with mouthwatering traditional Ugandan dishes such as matooke (cooked plantain) and groundnuts, Luwombo (beef, chicken or groundnuts cooked in banana fibers), and of course, the famous edible ‘Rolex,’ a chapatti that is rolled with an omelette, and vegetables like cabbage, onions, and tomatoes.

  1. Home to Africa’s Big Five animals:

Lots of tourists travelling to Africa on a safari always want to see the famous ‘Big Five’ animals on a game drive. Well, here is some good news for you, Uganda is home to the Big Five wildlife animals which include; Lions, African Bush Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, and Rhinos. A visit to Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary will get you a chance to see rhinos in their natural habitat. Other top wildlife viewing destinations include; Queen Elizabeth National Park that is famous for its tree climbing lions, Murchison Falls National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park. others national parks that you can visit while on safari in Uganda include; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Semuliki National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Kibale National Park among others. Uganda is truly the ultimate destination for your wildlife safari.

  1. Explore the famous River Nile:

Uganda is known to be the source of River Nile, which is the longest river in the world. The Nile River is believed to flow over 6,693 kilometers, and is shared by 11 countries in Africa, Uganda inclusive. There are lots of activities on River Nile that a visitor like yourself can indulge in, and these include; whitewater rafting, water bugging, Bungee Jumping, Boat Cruises, sport fishing, Jet Boating, River Boarding, and Kayaking among other. These activities will send the adrenalin rush through your entire body, giving you the best experience of your lifetime during your stay in Uganda.

  1. Dance to your heart’s content:

If you are the type that loves to get on your feet and dance to your heart’s content, then Uganda is the place to be! Take some time off and explore the beautiful nightlife in the country, especially in the busy capital city, Kampala. Kampala is known to be a city that never sleeps, with locals partying throughout the night, hence use of a common slogan “party after party.” There are lots of night clubs that you can check out during your stay here like Club Ambiance, Guvnor, Sky Lounge and so many more. Aside from clubs, there are interesting festivals that you can attend and get to enjoy music played by live bands, these include; Nyege Nyege festival that is held annually in Jinja town, Rolex festival, blankets and wine festival, ice-cream and cake festival among others.

  1. Get your money’s worth:

Uganda is a great destination for budget travelers. In this age where the cost of living has increased in most countries, Uganda still remains a one of few countries where the cost of living is not so high. Visitors and foreign expatriates as well, can get to enjoy a number of activities in the country at an affordable cost, and even remain with some pocket change. There are quite a number of hotel and lodges in the country that offer visitors both budget and mid-range accommodation options with good quality services offered.

In conclusion; Uganda is a great tourism destination for any visitor travelling to Africa, especially if you happen to be on a tight budget and still wish to have a great travel experience. In case you are still debating on which countries to travel to in 2020, do not hesitate to include Uganda on your bucket list. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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