Your Dream Eco Tourism Retreat – Rwanda  : Ecotourism is an exciting new industry that has been growing in popularity all over the world. It has been called “the new travel” and provides travelers with unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Rwanda’s unique geography, culture, and stunning scenery make it the perfect location for ecotourism. The small size of the country and the conservation policies of the government provide a rare opportunity to see the country’s wild and wonderful sights without having to travel to another continent or country.

There are a wide range of exciting adventures that can be had in Rwanda, on your next Rwanda safari tour, from gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park to visiting the magnificent Lake Kivu and enjoying a relaxing swim in the beautiful blue waters. It’s a great way to explore the incredible natural beauty of Rwanda and experience some of the amazing creatures that live there up close and personal!

Rwanda is a very biodiverse country with over 20 national parks and conservation areas. It is the home of some amazing wildlife including the endangered mountain gorillas which can only be found in the country’s mountainous forests. With a strong focus on conservation, the government has established a conservation fund for every gorilla tourist that spends money while on a Rwanda safari tour and has contributed over $5 million to fund conservation efforts in the past ten years. They have even banned the use of plastic bags to help protect the environment. All the money spent by tourists contributes directly to conservation efforts, helping to protect the animals that are an important part of the Rwandan heritage for future generations.

Over the past few decades Rwanda has become one of the most visited countries in Africa for its unique mix of spectacular scenery, rich culture and friendly people. It has also been a popular destination for travelers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat in their natural habitat at the Volcanoes National Park. As a result, there has been a huge increase in eco-tourism in recent years which has significantly improved the lives of the people of Rwanda and increased their standard of living. It has also increased awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and helped to raise awareness of the damage being done to the planet by modern living.

Your Dream Eco Tourism Retreat - Rwanda
Your Dream Eco Tourism Retreat – Rwanda

Tourists also contribute to the local economy by helping to pay for services such as transport, accommodation and food during their stay and help to encourage the development of new businesses in the region. By encouraging people to visit the area, it has also provided a much needed boost to local employment and provided more opportunities for young locals to get trained as tour guides, restaurant workers and hotel staff which gives them new skills to help them find employment elsewhere once they return to their homes in Rwanda.

Many animal lovers have come to the country in the hope of seeing some of the rare and endangered species such as the mountain gorillas which have been critically endangered due to habitat destruction and poaching in their native country of Uganda. Visitors who come to the park often make a donation to help protect the animals and their habitat which helps to contribute to the conservation of the species and ensures that they will continue to survive in the wild for future generations to come.

This has resulted in the creation of a fund which is used to finance important conservation and preservation projects in the local area and helps to fund schools and other facilities which are desperately needed to provide much-needed services to the local population. However, the use of modern technology has also had a negative impact on the ecosystem through the introduction of diseases which can be transmitted by wildlife to humans.

Ecotourism is a rapidly growing industry in Rwanda, and has contributed significantly to the economic development of the country over recent years by providing much-needed jobs and improving the welfare of the local citizens through the provision of new schools and hospitals and other vital infrastructure. However, the rapid growth of the tourism industry has also brought some significant negative side effects which are threatening the survival of the local wildlife and ecosystems if it is not managed carefully in the years ahead.

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