Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary  : Rhinos are one of Uganda’s most endangered species of wild life and hence some of the most protected and highly reserved species by the Uganda wildlife Authorities.

A day spent with these species will surely give you the major reason as to why Uganda is the pearl of Africa and why its indeed a pearl as it is called by very many.

Rhinoceros, normally shortened to rhino, is an associate of any of the five surviving species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae, and Uganda is one of the blessed countries with these endangered species.

There are five species of rhinos in the universe and all these have different characteristics, personalities and behaviors and these include: the woolly rhinos, The Javan rhinos, Greater one-horned rhinos, the white rhinos and the Black rhinos.

Uganda blessed as it is was once home to the black rhinoceros and the northern white rhinoceros but by 1982, the species was professed nonexistent due to an incessant series of poaching actions, along with protracted civil wars, and infringement on their natural habitat.

Later on in 2005 the government of Uganda established a sanctuary for the safety of the less rhinos that were left, and ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary come into the picture.

Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary was first established with the aim of rein disparaging the rhinoceros species back in to Uganda, and increase its population in the country and a vision is to build a maintainable rhinoceros populace and transfer rhinos back to their innovative habitat in Uganda’s nearing extinction arrears.

Presently it is the only place in Uganda where one can go and have the chance to sight the endangered species moving freely all over the area.

Rhino trekking is permutable in Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary by the Uganda wild life Authorities and hence if one is in for the activity they can surely take part in it

Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary is located in Nakasongola district, about 176 kilometers from Kampala City on the Gulu High way towards Murchison Falls sited on a 70 square kilometer piece of land, and is enclosed with a 2 meter electric fence to protect the rhinos within.

With approximately 78 park rangers and security guards who keep a 24 hour scrutiny on the Rhinos. This is also home to about 40 species of mammals and reptiles including; monkeys, crocodiles, hippos, antelopes and about 300 bird species.

Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary is best visited during the dry seasons of the year because there is a smaller chance for rain to spoil your planned activities for a best experience in the sanctuary and if one is in for the rhino trek its best carried out between 8 am and 10 am and 4 pm and 6 pm.

Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary Aside from rhino trekking it also offers several other kinds safari activities which will surely make your day extremely amazing and excellent for the ventures in Uganda.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Rhino Tracking at Ziwa

Safari activities of different kinds that you and your family can get involved into in order to have the best summer vacation at Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary include:

Nocturnal Walks: having a nature walk will give you the chance to experience some of the best kinds of wildlife breeze ever on the earth and this will surely make your visit thrilling for the next hours as you get to sight different kinds of nocturnal in the sanctuary these are best done during night walks between 8 pm and 11 pm.

Bird watching: as earlier mentioned Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary has over 300 species of birds that you can’t miss out on your visit to the sanctuary, for those who are keen on bird watching there are four different trails in Ziwa rhino and Wildlife sanctuary that will provide you with the best experience of bird watching ever.

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