Maasai Mara National Park is  among the largest and preserved area of savannah wilderness park found in southwestern part of Kenya along the Tanzania border . The landscape has grassy plains, rolling hills and it is crossed by Both Mara and Talek Rivers. The word “Mara ‘  is  a Swahili word that meant” spotted” amd Maa is a language The park is known of its incredible density and variety of animals. it is  situated  270km north of Nairobi in Kenya occupying the total area of 1,510 km squared . There are many over 1 million tribes in Kenya, Masaai are initial and local group of semi –Nomadic people that settled in Kenya and the northern part of Tanzania.

 The park contains over a million of animals that includes the Big Five (lions, Buffaloes, leopard elephants and hippos) ZEBRAS, cheetah, bush bucks, Jackson wildebeests among many others ,600 species of bird and 60 species of raptors in different colors. Wildebeest traverse its plains during their annual migration from Serengeti national park during July, August and October in other word those are the best months  to Visit Masaai Mara National game Reserve .

The park has 22 conservancies at different stages of development in Masai Mara landscape. The main big Four conservancies include ;  Mara North Conservancy, Mara Naibosho conservancy, Olkenyi conservancy and Olare Motorogi conservancy  among others.

How to get there; It takes approximately  5-6 hours’  375km  (235 miles) drive from Nairobi town to Masaai mara national park and  45 -60 minutes to fly from  Wilson airport or Jommo Kenyatta Kilimanjaro international airport to the close airstrips in the park (Keekerok airstrip, Kichwa tembo airstrip , Ol-kiombo airstrip being the most used , serena airstrip, Musiara airstrip , Ngerende airstrip and many more depending on the location one is going to).

The park has different 6 gates that you may Use to enter and exit the park . They include; Oloololo gate , sekenani gate is the common used gate, Talek gate , Musiara gate, Oloolaimutia gate  and sand river gate .For one to access the park promises has to have permission letter that is given at any of the gate.

Masaai mara national park charges an Entrance fee; that’s the money charged by (government body) Masaai Mara wildlife conservancies Association (MMWCA)  in charge of Tourism from Tourists Before accessing the park promises. The entrance fee is valid for 24 hours when one is staying inside the park and when one is staying outside the park you pay per entry.

 Non foreign residents are charged 200USD per person 2024 rate  and children are charged 50usd per child, East African residents are charged 4,500ksh and children 2,000ksh, citizens per day  adults are charged 2,000ksh and children 1,000ksh. Park Entrance permits are given at All the gates

There are more different activities to do while in Masaai mara  national park which include;

_Game drives  / Viewing both in the night and during the day in the park which enables you to spot different animals like African elephants , hyenas, lions, buffaloes since the park has many species of animals  especially during the annual wildebeest migration .

Maasai Mara National Park
Maasai Mara National Park

_Hot air balloon rides that gives good view of the masaai Mara Plains and a memorable experience. Its parfect for game viewing. July to October is the perfect time of the year for hot ballon safari in masaai mara . its charged 500$ per Adult . Its always done in Morning

Birding /bird watching activity especially for bird lovers since the park has many species of birds include; Black headed lap wing, Black Billed Barbet, Senegal thick knee, yellow fronted tinkerbird, long –toed lapwing, and long tailed nightjar among others.

Hand craft safaris especially the masaai , Camping , Flying safaris,  cultural visits in the local villages that will entertain you with traditional dances.

Masaai mara national park has different categories of accommodations/lodges/hotels/guesthouses that includes;

Budget lodges in Masai Mara National park include Green wood masaai mara camp, Enchoro camp ,Miti mingi mara camp , AA lodge masaai mara, , Africa safari masaai Bomas, Talek Bush camp  and many more .

Mid- range lodges include; Sekenani camp, Mara bush camp, Osero sopia mara camp , Mara Leisure camp , Fig tree camp , Zebra plains mara camp , Mara eden camp , mara river camp  masaai mara among others.

Luxury lodges in masaai mara  national park include; Ashnil mara camp, Mara  sopa  lodge , Mara Intrepid camp, Mara serena safari lodge ,Sarova mara lodge , Keekerok mara camp,  Olare mara Kempiski camp among others.

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