Ajai Wildlife Reserve : The north ends of Uganda are least visited ends of Uganda yet they are as well filled with different kinds of attractions to marvel about while on a Uganda safari.

Getting to have a Uganda safari in the northern ends of Uganda provides an ending experiences and different exposure to kinds of cultural experiences but as well various wildlife too.

Ajai Wildlife reserve which is located in an area with higher elevation but is relatively small (166 sq km) in the northern ends of Uganda is one of these destinations in the northern ends of Uganda which deserve not to be skip out on a Uganda safari on any point.

Ajai Wildlife reserve gained world attention when excursion Theodore Roosevelt, a former American president visited in 1910 on a hunting tour, leaving that side  is Characterized by a prominent island that is surrounded by Savannah vegetation’s  and swamps river Acha and Ala which all provide the best kind of adventure when visited most especially during the dry season because in rainy seasons the swamp is maximum flooded hence ultimate out the island from the distant world.

Ajai Wildlife reserve which gains its name from a local chief who was called Ajai in the year 1930s, is cover with over 35 kilometers of papyrus swamp along with grassy floodplains and Savannah woodland.

Ajai Wildlife reserve was one of the homes to the white rhinos in Uganda and that is why it was called Ajai rhino reserve this is because it used to shelter over 60 white rhinos and other 80 animals in it.

Ajai Wildlife reserve lost its rhinos due to the habit of poaching that grew in the north eastern parts of Uganda the rhinos become so insecure and they were killed on a very high rate and this led to the destructions of the rhinos but there are rhinos in Uganda once again but in a different destination of Uganda.

Ajai Wildlife reserve has got other kinds of wildlife great for sighting while on a Uganda safari in the northern ends of Uganda these include: Black and White Colobus monkeys, black cobras, red monkeys, buffaloes, civets, bush-buck, the Common Duiker, puff adders, zebras, pythons, foxes, Vervet Monkeys, green snakes, Leopards, Sitatunga, Oribi, hartebeest, hippopotamuses, Dik Dik, Monitor lizards, Olive b                    baboons, the Uganda Kob, warthogs and waterbucks.

Ajai Wildlife reserve is also great for bird viewing as it a destination within Uganda with countless swamps and woodlands syndicate to deliver faultless environment for uncountable bird classes which contain: Marabou Stocks, weaver birds, African Fish Eagles and Grey Crowned cranes.

Ajai Wildlife Reserve
Ajai Wildlife Reserve

Ajai Wildlife reserve is the best destination in Uganda to have the best to have a safari in for it provides different kinds safari activities to carry out inside it.

Ajai Wildlife reserve has the most thrilling safari activities to try out while you are looking for excellent experiences in the country mostly in the northern ends of Uganda these include:

Safari activities

Nature walks: having a nature walk  gives you the chance to get to sight different kinds of wildlife within the reserve and also get the chance to have closer views of the different kinds of bird classes in the reserves this will leave you wanting more and more of the reserve.

Game drives: get to spot several species of faunae which can be visible to the open areas of the reserve Faunae like, leopard, various species of antelopes are a guarantee during a game drive.

Bird viewing: as earlier mentioned is the best destination for bird viewing as it has various birds for sighting such as Marabou Stocks, weaver birds, African Fish Eagles and Grey Crowned crane and so very many more all these are great to all bird lovers.

Ajai Wildlife Reserve is exposed to sightseers all over the year however, the finest time to official visit is throughout the dry time of year, seasons fall between December to March and June to October other months are measured rainy season’s faunae can be perceived and this aids one to circumvent the inundating of the swamplands that get water-logged in rainy periods.

Therefore a visit at Ajai Wildlife Reserve is simply the best kind of adventure you may need for with Uganda safari you have the chance to excavate the area as you wish to with no hesitations of any kinds for accommodations transportation and all of the sort can be arranged for you.

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