Waterfalls in Uganda : Some of the most amazing waterfalls in the world are in Uganda. They have beautiful views that will take your breath away. This proves that nature has given this country a lot of favorable safari activities, making it the beauty of Africa. Uganda is surrounded by bodies of water, and most of them have waterfalls. The waterfalls in Uganda have played a role to Uganda being called the Pearl of Africa. There are actually a lot of them.

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These waterfalls are just one of many things that bring people to Uganda, such as the country’s roaring rivers, lakes, mountains, wildlife, and rich culture. If you want to remember your safari to Uganda, the waterfalls below are some of the best places to take pictures. On your safari to the waterfalls, you can also do things like boat cruises, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting, or kayaking in the areas around them. Discovering these waterfalls will provide you an adequate understanding into what Uganda is all about particularly when it comes to society.

The waterfalls listed below are the best ones in Uganda.

Sipi Falls.

Sipi Falls is just 55 kilometres from Mbale along a well-kept road in the small market town of Sipi, which is at an elevation of 1,775 metres on the northeastern foot slopes of Mount Elgon. Sipi Falls, which is 99 metres high, can be seen from the town. The Sipi River makes a beautiful splash as it crashes downhill from the top of Mount Elgon into the Kyoga Basin. This is the third and last waterfall.

At Sipi Falls, tourists can do a number of safari activities, such as abseiling, hiking, bird watching, cave adventures, cave painting trips, and camping. On walks that go around the falls, you can see the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, and the sides of Mount Elgon.

Around the falls are footpaths and caves where you can go hiking, see the many banana and coffee farms along the waterways, and converse to Bagisu and Sabiny people who live there.

Itanda falls.

Visitors to Jinja who don’t go whitewater kayaking don’t know much about Itanda Falls. Bujagali Falls have been substituted by the Itanda Falls in Jinja, which lies in Eastern Uganda through the Nile River. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Itanda Falls from Jinja Road, which is about 30 kilometres away. Locals think of the waterfalls as holy places. Those who live on the slopes often go to the base of the tree during hard times to look for an obvious blessing. Itanda Falls are now one of Jinja’s greatest tourist safari attractions; its turbulent history, as well as the area’s views and sound, make it an essential stop on any captivating safari tour of Uganda.

Aruu Falls.

The water comes from both Agago and Pader areas through a river that flows through Agago River. The thrilling, interesting, and dangerous Aruu Falls are made up of roaring waterfall hurricanes. Loud, crashing drop of the Aruu waterfalls makes them especially beautiful. At the waterfalls, it’s a very colourful sight to watch the water flow down the rocks.

You can take a bath under the waterfalls, which makes this the perfect place for people who like to be scared. Also, getting there on your own is an adventure in itself because the track is not well marked and the rocks are jagged. Aruu Falls is in Northern Uganda, on the road between Gulu and Kitgum. It is 386 kilometres from Kampala, the main city of Uganda, and 47 kilometres from Gulu.

Bwindi Water Falls.

In Buhoma part and Rushaga area of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, there are two important waterfalls in addition to the mountain gorilla trekking. The waterfalls are the most exciting activity you can do in Uganda. All of the sights and sounds of this jewel in the African tropics can be found in and around the falls.

Mountain gorillas aren’t often seen near the falls, but you can see a lot of different kinds of birds on the way to the falls in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Murchison Falls.

The Victoria Nile flows down a 43-m-long gorge and into a turbulent, foamy pool at the bottom. This is a very beautiful sight. Murchison Falls is a natural wonder and Uganda’s most popular safari waterfall. It is in Uganda’s biggest national park, which is in the northwest, between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. The best ways to see Murchison Falls are to go on a boat cruises or a guided walk. As the boat gets closer to the falls, you can feel the force of the waterfall growing.

Karuma Falls.

The most beautiful waterfalls in the world are the Karuma Falls in Uganda. They are on the Victoria Albertine Nile and are so beautiful that you can’t stop looking at them. Karuma Falls is in the eastern part of Uganda’s biggest national park, Murchison Falls National Park.

Waterfalls in Uganda
Karuma Falls

The name Karuma comes from the story that the Great Spirit Karuma stopped the Victoria Nile River from running. He also gave the Karuma Falls their name.

Mahoma Water Falls.

Along the Fort Portal Kamwenge road in Ruteete, Mahoma Falls are in a quiet, beautiful, and stunning place. When people go to Mahoma Falls, they are rewarded with sights like waterfalls crashing over rocks, a lush green scenery, amazing birds, beautiful rocks, and a calm, peaceful, and cool atmosphere.

Ssezibwa Falls.

Traditionally, aesthetically, and spiritually, the Ssezibwa Falls are important to Buganda. Ssezibwa Falls is 32 kilometres from Kampala city. It is on the main road between Kampala and Jinja in the District of Mukono. Water flows quickly through a small hole in some rocks and drops 17 metres down into a large pool that is about 14 metres deep. This is why the Ssezibwa falls appear.

The area around the falls is one of the best safari destinations to relax after a long wildlife tour in Uganda or before going to the source of the Nile River for activities like whitewater rafting or bungee jumping. Ssezibwa is a local word that means “something that never ends.” The Sezibwa Falls is another important cultural and spiritual landmark for Baganda people.

Kisiizi Falls.

On the Kyabamba River, Kisiizi Falls are only a few hundred metres from Kisiizi Hospital.The beautiful Kisiizi Falls are in Rukungiri district, which is next to Kabale and in the southwest part of Uganda. They are on the Kyabamba River, just a few metres from Kisiizi Hospital.

The water from these falls flows into a valley to keep the River moving. They are about 27 metres high. At least 100 metres away from the Kisiizi Falls, the mist from the falls lets people know they are getting close to a beautiful place with a dark cultural history.

More senior residents of this area assert that these falls are attributable for the adequate ethics of the unmarried Bakiga girls in the surroundings. When a girl got pregnant before she was married, her father and brother would take her to the top of these falls and let her go. She would then fall over the edge and die. This was done to stop other women from having sex before they got married, which often leads to pregnancy. It was to make sure that girls stayed pure until they got married.

Mpanga Falls.

The falls are on the Mpanga River, which flows into Lake George. This gives the falls their shape and beauty. It rushes to the lake through a big hole in the eastern cliff of the rift valley and a rocky chasm with a spray forest of cycads, a plant that only grows in Mpanga Gorge. This is how it gets to the impressive Mpanga Falls. The valley is all around the falls, which are what keep the spray forest alive. People just have to go to Uganda to see the best waterfalls. Itanda Falls, Sipi Falls, and Murchison Falls are well-known places with some of the most beautiful views, great for taking pictures and having walks. When you go to Uganda, you should put these on your list of things to see and to enjoy on the safari.

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