Kaniyo Pabidi Forest

Kaniyo pabidi forest is part of the remaining mahogany forests found in east Africa, the forest is situated just 8 kilometers from Kichumbanyobo Gate of Murchison falls along Masindi paraa road. The forest is home to Chimpanzees and other primates like the black and white colobus monkey, vervet monkeys and blue monkeys to mention a few.

Kaniyo Pabidi Forest

The beautiful Kaniyo pabidi forest is also one of the good birding spots while in Murchison falls national park, some of the birds at the forest are; Puvels illadopsis, chocolate backed kingfishers, white thighed hornbills, yellow footed fly catchers and the , ituri batisto mention a few. The best time for birding at Kaniyo padibi forest is in the morning or evening hours

There are also a few mammals that roam in the Mahogany and iron wood tree of Kaniyo  forests and these are elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopard’s, water bucks,  antelopes, bush bucks, forest Genet,  warthogs and so many others. Kaniyo pabidi forest will also expose tourists to different plant species, tropical flowers and various types if butterflies.

Kaniyo pabidi forest being located in Murchison falls conservation area will make Murchison falls national park a must visit while touring Kaniyo pabidi forest. Murchison Falls National Park is the country’s largest and oldest national park boarding with various tourists activities.

One of the most famous activities at Murchison falls national park is the launch boat cruise, this will take about three hours round trip in the mighty Nile. Tourists will have an unforgettable lifetime experience as they observe the lakes flora and fauna before reaching the devils cauldron with breathtaking views and then hike up to the top of the falls.

Murchison falls national park boats with over 76 mammal species that can be explored on a game drive or on a hot air balloon safaris. The best area for game viewing in the park are Buligi area where the different established tracks lead you to the real African wilderness.

For tourists interested in cultural heritage, there are various cultural groups like Boomu women’s trip where you can have a taste of the kept African culture by enjoying cultural performances and engaging in local activities like cooking local food and making local hand made crafts

Kaniyo pabidi forest has got cottage accommodation and a campsite where you can spend a night from though there are other accommodation units in the park like Chobe safari lodge, Bakers lodge, Nile safari lodge, Boomu women’s camp, shoebill campsite, UWA campsite and so much more.

The best time of visiting the beautiful Kaniyo pabidi forest is during the dry season of June to September and December to February when the forest trails are in good condition and can therefore be easily accessed

Though Kaniyo pabidi forest can be visited all year round, the forest trails get muddy and slippery in the wet season and tourists might also be interrupted by rains when taking guided nature walks.

Murchison falls national park can be reached within 5-6 hours drive from Kampala or by air from Kajjansi airfield or Entebbe international airport. The forest is 8 kilometers from Kichumbanyobo gate of Murchison falls national park. 220 kilometers from Kampala and 29 kilometers from Masindi town.

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