Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is a scenic lake situated within the Virunga ranges of Rwanda; the fresh rift valley water lake is steeped in the engrossment of trees lining up the western arm of the great African rift valley. Lake Kivu boasts with the world’s tenth largest island called Idjwi Island.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is the eighth deepest lake in the whole world and the ninety with mean depth, Lake Kivu is renowned for its 65 kilometer methane gas that can give 100gigwatts and can be burnt for over one year. Lake Kivu is the best place where you can relax from after the gorilla trekking, wild life viewing and other safari activities in Rwanda.

Kivu covers an area of 2,700 kilometers squared and it’s the largest water body in Rwanda.

There are a lot of activities that can be done at  Kivu this can be seen below:

Lake Kivu


There’s a trail along side Kivu known as Congo trial, this  can be explored on a bike or on foot for ten days the trails offered panoramic views of the silver lake at the backdrop of lush green vegetation and rolling hills.

Kayaking and wind surfing

The water at Kivu has got boisterous waves that can support a lot of water sports like speed boats, kayaking and surfing. Tourists can carry their own game equipment’s or hire from Gisenyi town.


Tourists cab for swimming in Kivus crystal clear water because its hippopotamus, crocodile and Bilharzia free, you can carry your swimming costumes or just hire at one of the bushes.

Boat cruising

Boat crushing is  Kivu can be done using local dugout canoes or using engine boats, tourists can cruise to the coffee plantation islands or just cruise around the lake with dinner or lunch while enjoy the lakes flora and fauna.

Visit Nyamirundi Island

Nyamirundi Island is situated near Gisenyi town and it’s the commonly visited island in Lake Kivu. The island is renowned for coffee growing tourists can learn the whole coffee growing process from harvest to the cup and even get to taste locally made coffee or perhaps buy some to tale back home.

Visit Imbabazi orphanage

This orphanage takes care of children who were orphaned during the 1994 Rwandan genocide; it was set up by Rosamond Carr who was a friend to the famous primatologist Dian Fossey. The orphanage moved from place to place during the genocide due to security reasons

Bird watching

Bordered can have great opportunities of bird watching at Kivu respect water birds like African fish eagle.

Sun bathing

Lake Kivu is the best place for relaxation after gorilla trekking activities tourists can relax at its sun beaches and have stunning views of the Virunga massif while feeling the cool breezes.

Tourists visiting Lake Kivu can sleep in Corcoran lodge, Lake Kivu Serena hotel,

Lake Kivu was also known as a duping place for dead bodies during the Rwandan genocide,

Lake Kivu can be reached from Kigali but it’s situated in three towns that are Kibuye, Cyangugu and Kibuye.

While visiting Lake Kivu there are a lot of accommodation sectors ranging from budget, mid range and luxurious the choice of where to sleep will depend on the tourists budget.

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