Despite having a very bitter past, Rwanda travel packages offer one of the best experiences with primates in the whole world. Tiny Rwanda is endowed with so many great attractions, hills and mountains. The “Land of athousand hills and mountains” phrase depicts its wealth of nature. It is among the only three countries in the world with mountain gorillas – a critically endangered African gorilla species that are numbered. Rwanda gorillas are found in Volcanoes National Park (Parc Nationale Des Volcans - PNV) in Musanze right along the Virunga Conservation Area. These gentle primates are visited each and every year at a price of $1500 exclusive of accommodation and transportation. PNV is apparently the best place to see gorillas in the wild because of its elevation and accessibility. This contradicts the experience you will get on Uganda safaris and tours. If you have long craved to see gorillas in Rwanda, this is where you will go. We can help you meet a gorilla with our luxury Rwanda travel packages. Accommodation, transportation and service is top notch for the best comfort whilst on your vacation travel. When you visit Rwanda gorillas, think beyond that! The Rwanda tourism industry has so much more to offer. You could also opt to visit the big five game animals in Akagera National Park or walk across the canopy in Nyungwe Forest as you spot chimpanzees from a bird’s eye view. Book any of our Rwanda luxury travel packages below for a memorable vacation.

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