Luxury gorilla trekking is an experience you should pay for if you have the funds. Africa is a very expensive place to be but cheap at the same time. You are meeting the last few mountain gorillas left in the world (less than 800) in Rwanda, Uganda or Congo. This is a once on a lifetime opportunity and you have to make it as much interesting as possible. Do not hesitate an inch to spend on luxury safari lodges, vehicles and services. All this expenditure will reward you a good feeling and memories that money cannot buy.

Just below, i break down what your luxury gorilla trekking expectations should be in each of the three mountain gorilla trekking destinations.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

When Rwanda doubled prices of their gorilla permits in May 2017, they eventually emerged as a luxury gorilla trekking destination. Not so many tourists can afford to spend $1500 on permits alone and incur several other costs on accommodation, transportation and professional services. $1500 can book you a luxury gorilla safari in Uganda or a comfortable tour and leave you with some pocket change. Being a luxury destination, you can still save on other stuff and make your final price as low as it can get. The best advantage of trekking in Rwanda is the short distance between Kigali City and Volcanoes National Park. This two places are approximately 2 hours away from each other compared to the 9 hour drive from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. The roads that join them are well tarmacked and smooth.

Uganda is a moderate country that favors both luxury and budget gorilla trekking clients.  A gorilla permit here costs only $600 all year round, $900 lower than Rwanda gorilla permits. Most up market clients who visit Uganda opt for chartered or scheduled flights so that they make it to South Western Uganda in just 1 – 2 hours and not spend 9 hours on road. Another great hack to this is arriving via Rwanda and access Bwindi in just 4 hours. The luxury gorilla tour experience here is amazing. Uganda has so many great safari lodges that you will enjoy staying in. Besides, over half the world’s population of mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Forest National Park.

Congo gorilla permits apparently cost the lowest – just $450 all year round. The only disadvantage is some how you get to patch up the costs to a close match with the ones from the other two destinations since you only have an array of luxury safari lodges to choose from. The Congo Tourism Industry is still young and just starting to grow. This partly explains why accommodation facilities are still few and apparently all of them are luxury.

Incurring a great expense for top notch elegance comes with lifetime moments. Mountain gorillas live in hilly and mountainous areas in East Africa. These areas have some of the best accommodation facilities among st other African wildernesses. An upmarket spice to your adventure will make it more enjoyable to you. This is the true meaning of a luxury gorilla trekking experience. In Uganda, scheduled or chartered flights are used to cut down the 9 hours road distance to only a maximum of two. For those that prefer travelling by road, customized safari land cruisers are organized for your trips. These vehicles have air conditioning units, WiFi and charging ports. All these are put in place to ensure you get extreme comfort from the time you land in the country till your departure. Regarding your stay, we have partnered with some of the best Uganda safari lodges and we include them on all our luxury gorilla safari packages. These accommodation facilities will go ahead and give you discounts despite offering you top notch services. We try so much to ensure you get the best luxury gorilla tour experience at reasonable prices. Below are some of the luxurious safari packages we offer! Choose one and request for a quote.

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