Incurring a great expense for top notch elegance comes with lifetime moments. Mountain gorillas live in hilly and mountainous areas in East Africa. These areas have some of the best accommodation facilities among st other African wildernesses. An upmarket spice to your adventure will make it more enjoyable to you. This is the true meaning of a luxury gorilla trekking experience. In Uganda, scheduled or chartered flights are used to cut down the 9 hours road distance to only a maximum of two. For those that prefer travelling by road, customized safari land cruisers are organized for your trips. These vehicles have air conditioning units, WiFi and charging ports. All these are put in place to ensure you get extreme comfort from the time you land in the country till your departure. Regarding your stay, we have partnered with some of the best Uganda safari lodges and we include them on all our luxury gorilla safari packages. These accommodation facilities will go ahead and give you discounts despite offering you top notch services. We try so much to ensure you get the best luxury gorilla tour experience at reasonable prices. Below are some of the luxurious safari packages we offer! Choose one and request for a quote.

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