Rwanda turns out to be one of the smallest wildernesses in Africa with so much rare experiences to offer. The best wildlife experiences are got from Akagera National Park – also home to the big 5 game animals of Rwanda. Far north of the country lies Volcanoes National Park, the oldest national park in the African continent and where Rwanda gorilla watching tours are carried out from. We offer very affordable Rwanda wildlife safaris and tours and have arranged quite a number of them in the past. For those that want to go gorilla watching in Rwanda, the country so far has the best conservation regarding mountain gorillas. A permit costs as high as $1500 and is purchased on first come first serve basis. The biggest portion of the money got from these permits is used in conservation of these endangered primates and helping the communities within. Purchasing a permit means giving back to the gorillas. It could be a visit to the twin lakes, Gisenyi beaches, Nyungwe Forest, Akagera, Volcanoes, Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village or the mysterious Musanze Caves. Spark off your adventure with one of the best Rwanda safari companies. See some of our wildlife and gorilla watching tours below.

Rwanda Wildlife Tours, Gorilla Watching Safaris

3 Days Rwanda Wildlife Experience

3 Days Akagera Wildlife Experience

4 Days Gorillas

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla & Dian Fossey Trek

Best of Rwanda Safari

7 Days Best of Rwanda Safari

Gorilla & Chimpanzee Trekking

8 Days Best of Rwanda Gorillas & Chimps

10 Days Rwanda Safari

10 Days Rwanda Safari

14 Days Rwanda Safari

14 Days Rwanda Classic Safari

8 Days Rwanda Gorillas

8 Days Rwanda Discovery Safari

7 Days Rwanda Safari

7 Days Rwanda Safari

6 Days Rwanda Safari

6 Days Discover Rwanda Adventure

6 Days Safari Vacation

6 Days Safari Vacation Rwanda

5 Days Rwanda Wildlife

5 Days Rwanda Wildlife Safari

12 Days Rwanda Safari

12 Days Rwanda safari

14 Days Chimps

14 Days Best of Wildlife, Gorillas & Chimps