Park Entry Fees for Murchison Falls National Park

Park Entry Fees for Murchison Falls National Park : Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s treacherous gem situated in the northwestern part of the country covering an area of about 4000 kilometers squared. The park is  Uganda’s oldest national park and was the first gazetted in the country.

Park Entry Fees for Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park has got a lot of tourists activities to be done like game viewing, chimpanzee trekking, guided nature walks, bird watching, sports fishing, boat crushing and so much more.

Park entry fee


East African residents.                                         20,000

Foreign residents.                                                30US$

Foreign non residents.                                         40US$


East African residents.                                         5,000

Foreign residents.                                                 10US$

Non foreign residents.                                         US$20

Ugandan pupils/students (groups)                   3,000

Uganda wildlife clubs.                                         2000

Uganda tertiary institutions/ universities.      5,000

Annual park entry pass

The annual park entry pass is only valid to residents and foreign residents.


Residents.                                                               150,000

Foreign residents.                                                 300US$


Residents.                                                               200,000

Foreign residents.                                                 500US$

Family (Max of 4)

Residents.                                                              300,000

Foreign residents.                                                 700US$

Tour operator

Resident.                                                                 125,000

Foreign resident.                                                   50US$

Tour company driver.                                          Free

Taxi driver.                                                             100,000

Annual corporate pass.

Foreign residents1,500US$

Residents.                                                               2,500,000

Safari guide                                                           100,000

Vehicle, aircraft and boat landing and entry fee

The park entry fee is excluded from the fee charged for vehicle entry.

Motor cycles                          

Ugandan.                                      10,0000

East African.                                 US$5

Foreign.                                         US$30

Saloon cars

Ugandan.                                       20,000

East African.                                  US$10

Foreign.                                          USD40

Minibuses/ Omnibuses

Ugandan.                                         30,000

East African.                                    US$15

Foreign.                                            US$50

Pick ups and 4WD vehicles

Ugandan.                                         30,000

East African.                                    US$15

Foreign.                                           US$50

Tour company vehicles

Ugandan.                                       30,000

East African                                   US$15

Foreign.                                         US$120

Buses and Lorries

Ugandan.                                     150,000

East African.                                US$75

Foreign                                         US$150

School buses

Ugandan.                                      50,000

East African.                                 US$25

Delivery vehicles per entry

Ugandan.                                     20,000

East African.                                US$10

Boats up to 15 seater

Ugandan.                                     50,000

East African.                                US$25

Foreign.                                      US$50

Launches over 15 seater

Ugandan                                    150,000

East African.                              US$75

Foreign.                                      US$100

Aircraft landing fee

Pilots staying in the park for less than a period of two hours will not be able to pay entry fee to the park and landing fee excludes entry fee to be paid by passengers

Gliders, micro lights  

Ugandan.                                   20,000

East African.                             US$10

Foreign.                                     US$10

Up to 3 seater

Ugandan.                                   40,000

East African                              US$ 20

Foreign.                                     US$20

4-6 seater

Ugandan.                                  60,000

East African                              US$30

Foreign.                                    US$30

7-14 seater

Ugandan                                   80,000

East African.                             US$40

Foreign.                                    US$40

14-21 seater

Ugandan.                                   100,000

East African.                              US$50

Foreign.                                      US$50

21 seater and above

Ugandan                                    120,0000

Eats African.                              US$60

Foreign.                                      US$60


Ugandan.                                   250,000

East African.                              US$125

Foreign.                                     US$100.

Parking fee per day is             5000

Bird watching

East Africans.                           10,000

Foreign residents.                   US$30

Foreign non residents.           US$30

Night game drives

East Africans.                      100,000

Foreign residents.              US$100

Foreign non residents.      US$100

Day game drives

East Africans.                      30,000

Foreign residents.              US$30

Foreign non residents.      US$30

Launch boat / trips to the bottom of the falls

East Africans.                      30,000

Foreign residents.              US$30

Foreign non residents.      US$30

Hike to the top of the falls

East Africans.                     10,000

Foreign residents.             US$10

Foreign non residents.    US$10

Sport fishing at Murchison falls costs US$50 dollars per day and the ferry crossing rates are charged according to the heaviness of the vehicle.

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