Cost Of Tracking Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

Cost Of Tracking Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda: Every client would like to know the cost of gorilla tracking; it’s on all forums like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. Below is our take on the estimation of a gorilla tracking safari in Rwanda. You may need just one day in Rwanda depending on what other interests you have.

13 Days gorilla trekking

Price and Cost of Gorilla Permits

A normal gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD 1500. This is way higher that what other countries charge and only favors luxury gorilla tracking clients. I call it normal because there are other categories of permits you can buy. You can have a specialized gorilla tracking permit at USD15000, then USD30000 for three consecutive days for three people.

Gorilla permits to track can be easily purchased through you travel agent or you local tour operator. You can also contact RDB directly and they will the you through the process.

Price and Cost of Transport

It’s about 3 hours from Kigali international airport to Volcanoes national park. You can get a cab with the recommendation of you hotel at a cost less than USD50. You can also take public means but this means you may be late for tracking as you are not certain of the time management since its never in your control. Public means is also inconveniencing as taxis stop at the entry point of Kinigi yet its 14 km from here to the park head quarters. You can also have pre-arranged safari vans with you agent or tour operator at a negotiable cost usually about USD 100 or even less depending on the vehicle.

Cost and Price of Accommodation

There are lots of accommodation options around the park but since it’s not far from Kigali you may also opt to sleep in Kigali. You can arrive in the morning at the airport and track that very morning then have a rest and go back the next day or later that same day. You can also get accommodation in the range of USD100

Cost of Porters and Tips

Its is always good that you hire porters such that you are not to tired for the encounter with the gorillas. Porters will just cost about USD 10. Its also creates more employment in the community here conservation.

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