Kabirizi Gorilla Group

The Kabirizi gorilla group  lives in the Virunga national park in Congo, Kabirizi also known as King of the Virunganational park is the leading silverback in the group. Kabirizi is well known for protecting his family in that he once lost the upper and lowers canine teeth during a fight with another gorilla. The Kabirizi gorilla family is found in Bukima sector of Virunga national park and is one of the most visited gorilla groups having many members. The Kabirizi gorilla family derives its name from an ICCN director who died in an accident around 1990s.

Kabirizi Gorilla Group

The Kabirizi gorilla family was earlier known as Ndungutse gorilla family this was the time the family was dominated by Ndungutse a gorilla that was assassinated in the cross fire between the Democratic republic of Congo army and the Rwandan rebels. Kabirizi the silverback is well known as a father of many mountain gorillas in Virunga, he was also not born in habitation but was a wild gorilla until in 1998 when he came to head the family and the name Kabirizi was given to him. The other gorilla groups that tourists can trek in the Bukima area of Virunga national park are:

Rugendo gorilla family

The Rugendo gorilla family can be found in Bukima area of Virunga national park, the family was among the first habituated gorilla groups around 1985 along with the Rungubuka and Rugabo gorilla family. Rugendo the dominating silverback was unfortunately killed by rebels in 2001 but he’s known as father to many mountain gorillas in Virunga national park.

The Rugendo gorilla family was succeeded by Senkwekwe who was sadly murdered by unknown gun men with other 5 gorillas in 2007, the group was later on dominated by a solitary silverback known as Bukima.

Munyaga gorilla family

The Munyaga gorilla family was initially known as Buhanga gorilla family, the Buhanga gorilla family was headed by no silverback hence Munyaga a lone took advantage of the family and became the dominating silverback in 1998. The Munyaga gorilla group later lost its females to Kabirizi gorilla family and Munyaga disappeared for two years in the wild

Bageni gorilla family

The Bageni gorilla family was composed in 2013 by the dominating silverback Bageni who split from his fathers Kabirizi group loving with 20 members including his mother. This gorilla family is one of the groups in the Bukima area of Virunga national park.

Nyakamwe gorilla family

The Nyakamwe gorilla family was formed in 2014 after the dominating silverback Nyakamwe split off from his brother Humba from Humba gorilla family. Nyakamwe and Humba all came from the Rugendo gorilla family.

Gorilla permits in Rwanda cost only $400 per permit with one hour observation after finding gorillas.

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