Lake Nakuru National Park Fees 2023-December 2024 : Famous for its pink flamingos that give an illusion of covering the whole lake, Lake Nakuru national park is the ultimate safari destination in Kenya which will give you the chance to watch a number of different attractions that will give  you the opportunity to watch a number of bird species making it one of the birding destinations in the wild, the endangered species like the endangered white rhinos, the black rhinos that pone can  be seen in the grasslands and woodlands that harbor  number of different  wildlife species making it one of the national parks to visit for the ultimate safari experience.

For a traveller interested in booking your safari in the park to enjoy a number of activities, here are the rates that will ensure you plan accordingly for a memorable Kenya safaris.

Park Entry Fee

All the park entry fees in Lake Nakuru national park are charged daily so when the 24 hours elapse, you will get to pay the next day’s fees.

Category Low season High season
Adult Child/student Adult Child/student
Citizen 600 Kshs 215 Kshs 800ksh 215 Kshs
Resident 600 Kshs 215 Kshs 800ksh 215 Kshs
Non-Resident 40 US$ 20  US$ 70 US$ 20 US$


For travellers interested in sleeping out-doors, there are a range of campsites that you can choose from in the park to help you get the thrill of sleeping in the wild. This can be done on either private or public campsites at the rates below.

Category Fees(Kshs)
Adult Child/student
Special camp Citizen 250 Kshs 200 Kshs
Resident 250 Kshs 200 Kshs
Non-Resident 35 US$ 20 US$

Public campsite

Citizen 200 Kshs 150 Kshs
Resident 200 Kshs 150 Kshs
Non-Resident 20 US$ 15 US$
Reservation Fees (Non-refundable)                                 7,500 Kshs
Cancellation fees                                                                     7,500 Kshs

Vehicle Fees per day

The vehicle and air craft fees are charged daily and based on the carrying capacity.

Carrying capacity Fees (Kshs)
Less than6 seats 300
6 to 12 seats 1,030
13 to 24 seats 2,585
25 to 44 seats 4,050
45 seats and above 5,000

Trucks and delivery vehicles

These fees are based on  the weight (tonnes) of the vehicle.

Weight Fees (Kshs)
1 to 3 tonnes 515
4 to 7 tonnes 2,155
Above 7 tonnes 3,015

Vehicles stationed in the park (per year)

The vehicles that are stationed in the park are charged based on their type of weight and the carrying capacity.

Type and Weight Fees (Kshs)
PSVs< 6 seats & commercial Vehicles <2 tonnes 10,000
PSVs> 6 to 12 seats & commercial Vehicles 2  to 5 tonnes 10,000
PSVs> 6 to 13 seats & commercial tour Vehicles (not stationed in the park) 60,000
PSVs> 13 seats & commercial Vehicles 5 tonnes 100,000

Aircraft fees (single landing fees)

Carrying capacity Fees (Kshs)
Less than 3 seats 300
4 to 6 seats 500
7 to 14 seats 1,000
15 to 20 seats 2,155
12 seats and above 3,015
Lake Nakuru National Park Fees 2023-December 2024
Lake Nakuru National Park

Annual passes

Category Fees (Kshs)
Adult annual pass 43,100
Child annual pass 10,340
Corporate annual pass 103,440
Personalized tour driver annual pass 4,000

Note: Annual passes are valid for one year.

Special services

Category Fees (Kshs)
Event security per section of rangers 75,000
Vehicle recovery inside the park 7,500

Special activities

Special activities Fees (Kshs)
Night game drive (per person per trip) 2,155
Security/guided tours(per guide up to 4 hours)  


Security/guided tours (per guide over 4 hours) 3,015


Horse riding (excluding rider) – KWS horses 2,585
Private horses (per day) 1,030
Walking safaris (per person per day) 1,500
Cycling (per day)




Categories/status of tourists

The different types of travellers/ tourists in the park have different rates therefore you should consider finding out from your tour operator or from the table above to know the different rates to help you save some money during your trip planning. Visitors vising Lake Nakuru national park in a Kenya safari are categorized as students, children, residents and non-residents.

Students- these are recognized visitors from recognized educational institutions that is the primary level, secondary, tertiary and university level. The age bracket for people eligible for the student fees are people from the age of 3-23 years. For students interested in visiting the park they should write a letter to the Kenya wildlife services showing interest in visiting the park 2 weeks prior to their day of visit which will help in the making of preparations and ensure they charge the said fees. Students visiting the park privately are not eligible for the student fees.

Visitors considered as children are of the range 3-18 years and above that they are considered adults.

Citizens are visitors with Kenya citizenships and citizens of East Africa community countries including Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, Citizen Visitors present  valid national IDs and passports of their respective countries.

Residents are foreign visitors working and staying in Kenya,

Non- residents/ international tourists

Non-resident visitors are visitors who are foreigners with no residence or work in Kenya.

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