It’s very easy for two people to spend USD 10000 in Rwanda in two weeks. There is no such term as a cheap safari in real sense. Every safari is expensive in its own sense. People have false impressions that safaris in Africa are cheaper compared to a destination elsewhere that is a fallacy.

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If even if it were cheap it is always important to spend less and then travel more, saving even as less as USD 100 is good for you next safari. Today we share the practical tips for saving on you next Rwanda Safari.

  • Choose a safari and take it with friends or family. This will save you on lots of expenses for example the same car that you will use as an individual is the same car three people will use and you will share the costs.
  • Try as much as possible to use a local tour operator. Booking through a travel agent will increase on the cost of the safari. Local tour operators have a good bargaining power say for example for accommodation.
  • Book a safari in the off season period. Question will be, won’t I miss a lot? No, you may choose to travel at the end of the peak season or slightly before the beginning of the peak season. There are a lot of offers during this time.
  • Look at accommodation facilities that give you added value for example, look at the rate for a lodge giving you full board and that with half board, it’s always good you take and all inclusive rate with no hidden costs.
  • Choose which activities you want to do as it will also impact on the cost. Try to maximize the usage of your time. You can track gorillas in the morning and do something else in the afternoon.
  • Deal directly with the tour operator and tell them you budget as this will help them to choose the best for you and they also want to give you a memorable experience.
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