Tourist Attractions and Activities in Kigali City : The capital of Rwanda, Kigali, is located about in the middle of the country. There are many hills, ridges, and valleys in it, and the restaurant and nightlife scenes are thriving. In addition to having its own tourist attractions and activities, including the Kigali Genocide Memorial and Eco tourist facilities, as well as bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, Kigali serves as the primary entry point for travelers traveling to Rwanda’s national parks and Rwanda gorilla tracking.

There are many tourist attractions to see and activities to do while in Kigali city, Rwanda and some of them includes the following:

Walking tours in the city

City walking tours is one of many favorite activities in most big cities, and Kigali is no exception. The culture, daily life, and personality of the city can best be experienced in this way. A museum, palace, or historical site is the best place to go to learn about a city’s past. However, strolling is the best way to experience Kigali as it is today. There aren’t many wrong ways to explore by walking; the tourist paths usually lead to the most interesting discoveries.

Tourist Attractions and Activities in Kigali City
Kigali City

Exploring Rwanda Museums

Kigali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rwanda thanks to the country’s many museums. The 1994 genocide, which resulted in the deaths of many Rwandans, is what gave rise to the museums. Some of them served as churches or homes before being converted to museums. The Kigali Genocide Memorial Ground, the Presidential Palace Museum, the Campaign against Genocide Museum, the Kant House Museum, Nyamatta, and Ntarama are a few of the museums. As more visitors come to experience and learn about the history of the Rwandan genocide and the current situation, these have developed into thriving tourist destinations.

Check out Kimironko Market

This market, which is in Remera, provides every kind of clothing you could ever need, plus fruits, housewares, trinkets, and souvenirs. As you proceed with the purchasing process, you will have the opportunity to speak with locals. Even if you have no intention of purchasing anything, you should still visit this location because the walk and the interactions between the locals and visitors are delightful. One of the main tourist attractions in Kigali is the Kimironko Market.

 Cycling tours

On a motorcycle trip, combined with a number of walking experiences, feel the rush of adrenaline while learning about wonderful places. There is nothing more intriguing than a motorbike city tour of Kigali.

Shop at the galleries of art.

There are numerous art galleries in the city of Kigali. You can choose to visit these incredible art galleries and choose among the many African fabrics and kitsenges on exhibit.

Nyamirambo Kigali

A thriving area in Kigali’s south-west is called Nyamirambo. It has been referred to as Old Kigali and Kigali’s “coolest neighborhood” since it is the major hub where the entire city originated from long ago. Partying goes on day and night. Of course, there will be a lot of trouble with it. Basically, Nyamirambo is awake most of the time. Grocery stores are open all night, boutiques don’t show signs of closing, and people work in shifts.

Trek up Mount Kigali.

You’ll feel comfortable after this short hike, which is also a terrific opportunity to see Kigali. From a distance, the city will look beautiful. Beautiful pine plantations may be found there, rewarding you with a pleasant woodland breeze as you take a break and keep an eye out for nearby monkeys and various bird species.

Tourist Attractions and Activities in Kigali City
Hiking mount kigali

Visit Milk Bars.

Rwandans enjoy their equivalent of a morning latte at milk bars. More than fifty of these little stores, each containing only a tank of fresh cow’s milk, can be found in Nyamirambo. Hot, steamed glasses of fresh milk are offered plain, with cocoa powder, honey, or tea.

In an effort to feed more people, especially those with low incomes, the government has recently promoted milk bars, promoting a healthy start to the day. Fresh milk and a banana are a common Rwandan breakfast staple.

Visit the Gaddafi Mosque.

The Gaddafi Mosque, one of Rwanda’s most spectacular mosques and buildings, was not actually built by Muammar Gaddafi. The road that Gaddafi did build and that runs parallel to the mosque is why it was given that name, though. Although no locals use it, the mosque’s actual name is the Islamic Cultural Center. The mosque, which is situated in the Nyamirambo district, also serves the neighborhood’s schools, clinics, and community centers.

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