Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura also known sometimes as mount Muhavura is situated at the boarder between Congo Rwanda and Uganda, the mountain is the highest of the eight mountains in the Virunga massif covering Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura stands at an elevation of 4,127 meters above sea level, the Virunga ranges are located in the western branch of the African rift valley. The name Muhabura is derived from a local Kinyarwanda order to mean Sentinel and in Rukiga language it means the guide.

 Muhabura provides striking views of the surrounding areas of rolling hills and lush green vegetation, while at mount Muhabura you can also enjoy stunning views of three other volcanoes with the twin lakes of Rwanda and the Crater Lake at the summit.

The shaped delineate of mount Muhabura can be seen from different parts of the country, Muhabura can be climbed from both countries of Rwanda and Uganda unlike mount Sabyinyothat can only be climbed from one side.

The hike to Muhabura has got two stops each with a hut before reaching the permit, the first stop is 3116 meters and the next is 3885 meters above sea level. Tourists can swim in the Crater Lake if they wish but the peak can be very cold, some tourists don’t succeed to reach the peak they stop at the first or second stop overs.

Climbing mount Muhabura will require physical fitness as the mountain is the steepest in the while of the Virunga ranges;  Muhabura is connected to mount Gahinga with a wide saddle in the west with a crater lake of 40 meters at its summit.

If your trekking Muhabura from the Ugandan side, its always advisable to also do gorilla trekking from mount Mgahinga national parks and encounter human closest relatives with DNA of 98% another place where you can do gorilla trekking is in Bwindi impenetrable nationalpark boasting with half population of world gorillas.

Wildlife watching can be done at Queen Elizabeth national park after or before hiking mount Muhabura tourists will encounter the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of the park with other animals like lions, elephants, water bucks, Ugandan kobs among the rest.

The Kazinga channel is one of the places you should not miss in the western part of Uganda, the channel is natural connecting lake George and Lake Edward streamlined with animals in its banks with large concentration of hippopotamus, crocodiles and water birds

Tourists can travel to Kisoro town in the south western part if Uganda to access mounts Muhabura

If you would like to see three countries at once, then visit mount Muhabura and encounter magnificent views of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.

The park fee for climbing  Muhabura is $75 per person including a guide; tourists must arrive at the park headquarters in Kinigi before 7:00am as the hike can take up to a full day.

Visitors will be driven to the age of a volcano from Kinigi, tourists can hire porters from the park to carry their belongings at an affordable price and an armed ranger guide will be given.

When hiking Muhabura, tourists will be required to carry water proof hiking boots, rain coats walking sticks, sun screen, insect repellents, packed food and water.

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