Rwanda signs anew deal will PSG football club to boost its tourism industry

Rwanda signs anew deal will PSG football club to boost its tourism industry: Rwanda takes its tourism marketing strategy to the next level, with its latest collaboration with the French football club, Paris Saint Germain (PSG). The football club, which happens to be one of the wealthiest clubs in Europe, will be marketing the African country as a top tourism destination and business hub.

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, also known as Paris SG or PSG, is a popular and wealthy French club in Europe and is based in Paris. In 2011, the football club was bought by the oil rich state of Qatar and since then has become the one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. The club has spent billions in signing top football players such as Brazil’s top football star, Neymar.

Rwanda recently announced its partnership with the French football club in a race to top the tourism chart on the African continent. The French football team, PSG, will be promoting Rwanda’s tourism destinations such as its national parks and unique export products such as coffee and tea.

During a press release, the club announced that, “Visit Rwanda branding will benefit from premium exposure on the back of its training jerseys and pre-game warm-up kits of the men’s team, and also on the sleeve of the jerseys worn by the women’s team during their matches.”

The team also mentioned that its collaboration with Rwanda will see the country convey its willingness to welcome business travelers and partnerships from France and the rest of the world.

The club also said that, “Visit Rwanda will also be exhibited at the Parc des Princes Stadium where the clubs’ fans will be exposed to the country. Fans of Paris Saint- Germain will be exposed to Rwanda’s tea and coffee, which will be served in the stadium.

This is a huge step that Rwanda’s Development Board has taken by signing a sponsorship deal with the French club to promote its tourism industry. Claire Akamanzi, chief executive director of Rwanda Development Board, said that the country has signed a 3 year partnership deal with PSG which will see Rwanda investing between USD 9 million and close to USD 11 million, in the football club.

She also mentioned that Rwanda’s investment in the club is a strategic collaboration that will create a positive impact on the world’s perception of the country, and also see a tremendous increase in the number of its tourism arrivals.

Rwanda’s new deal with Paris Saint-Germain marks the country’s second major partnership after signing a sponsorship deal with the European football club, Arsenal. In May 2018, Rwanda Development Board signed a partnership deal with Arsenal football club, which was valued at USD 39 million.

Since signing the deal, Rwanda Development Board has reported a 13% increase in the number of tourist arrivals in the country in that year, and a 5% increase in visitors from the United Kingdom alone.

Rwanda Development Board announced that the country received about 1.7 million tourists last year, which is close to the number of visitors registered by its neighbor Uganda. It also said that USD 2 billion had been invested in the country, in the same year.

However, the country has received quite a bit of criticism from local parties, who claim that country is spending an extravagant amount on making such partnerships and ignoring more pressing issues concerning her people. Rwanda is considered among one of the poorest countries in the world with a per capita income of USD 700 million.

Rwanda Development Board, which is responsible for managing Rwanda’s tourism sites and marketing them as well, has said that the country’s multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with football clubs has seen the country reap back 100% of what it has invested, since its first collaboration with the Arsenal football team.

Rwanda’s long term vision is to boost her local tourism industry by 80% and growing her revenues to USD 800 million by 2024. The country takes pride in her beautiful capital which is Kigali city, her stunning and breath-taking Lake Kivu, genocide memorial sites and national parks like; Volcanoes, Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Parks.

Rwanda is a top destination in Africa for gorilla trekking tours after its neighbor Uganda. The country looks at using its new collaboration with the French football club, as a way of positioning itself as a high-end conference and business destination in Africa. It also looks forward to promoting its wildlife attractions, especially its mountain gorillas which are one of the world’s most endangered species.

Visitors planning to visit Rwanda on a Rwanda Safari, should not miss including activities such as; gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, Nyungwe Canopy walkway, wildlife safari and a tour of Kigali City into your travel itineraries.

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